Spiritual Development

Do you feel that you’re stuck because outside influences keep stopping you from progressing?

What if these things were stopping you from progressing because it isn’t what you should be doing?

Are there people or situations that make you mad and you wish would go away?

What if these people or situations are there to teach you something about you or your own situation?

Do you allow your life to unfold or are you always trying to change or fix it?

How would it be if you had trust that what was meant for you would turn up?

Do you ever feel lost or unfulfilled?

Have you ever thought it might be because you’re not doing what you should be doing?

A wise woman once told me if you continue to feel like it’s an uphill struggle then it’s not meant to be.

When we allow ourselves to slow down and go within, we see things clearer and perhaps things we hadn’t thought about before become obvious.  We sometimes just need a gentle push in the right direction or a reminder of what we already know to truly get to the root of who we are and what our purpose is.

Often things happen that we might describe as spooky or weird because just when we were thinking about that person, they get in touch.  Or when you have been thinking about a particular thing and don’t know where to start, it turns up.

When we stop thinking about it as spooky and weird and start seeing it as a helping hand from the universe, our life can become easier somehow and more free-flowing.  Things just seem to fall into place and it’s no longer a struggle.

We all have the ability to tune into the messages that are on offer every day and they can come from the most unlikely sources.

Meditation is one way you can tune into the quietness and the quieter you are the more you hear.  Meditation brings balance to your energy and can clear your vision.

Naturally you begin to see things in a different way.  You stop blaming others for how you feel and you start to take responsibility for that yourself.  You stop judging and become more compassionate, caring and understanding of what others might be dealing with.  You recognise what you need to change about your situation to stop dealing with the same difficult situation over and over again.

If you feel drawn to explore any of these questions or need a hand in your own self development, why not book a 1-2-1 appointment with me or come along to one of the Thursday evening classes to discover more.