Put in the effort

Put in the Effort and be amazed at the results

Have you been in the position when there is something in your life that just sits there, but you gain no benefit from?What’s your first reaction?  Do you ditch it, delete it, ignore it, or do you ask yourself –  Why is it still there? 

It’s still there because you have unfinished business.

Recently I have been in that position and the conclusion I came to was that I was gaining nothing from it because I was putting nothing into it. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but…..

This thing came into my life for a reason and rather than nurturing it, it felt too much like hard work, so I ignored it.

You can’t expect to buy a plant with beautiful flowers and for it to continue producing beautiful flowers unless you feed and water it and maybe even speak to it now and again.

Before you ditch this thing, ask yourself:-

What did I expect I was going to get from this thing I invited into my life?

Why do I think it hasn’t happened?

What am I going to do to make it work for me?

When all of that becomes clear… 

put in the effort and be amazed at the results.