Meditation and Mindfulness

What are the benefits of learning to meditate?

By living in the moment you learn to appreciate and enjoy all aspects of your life

Reduces stress and anxiety

Helps to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future

Encourages positive thinking

Can enhance relationships and communication

Teaches us how to deal with difficult situations in a positive and productive way

Some clients advise that they sleep better and it can help to manage pain.

Develops gratitude and compassion for ourselves and others

What is it?

There are many different ways to meditate.  We can focus on a particular object or activity to achieve a calm and peaceful state or we can simply sit and observe ourselves and our surroundings without getting caught up in the story of what is happening.

Although there are different techniques, one of the most common ways to meditate is by focusing on the breath.  As we can only think about one thing at a time; by having a focus, we can disconnect from the constant chatter in our heads, leading to a more relaxed state of mind.

It is a very simple concept but the results of regular practice can be life changing.

Why do it?

Sometimes when we are stressed and anxious, we can’t see things clearly or we might find it difficult to make decisions.  Taking time for yourself to relax and focus on the breath can reduce anxiety levels and allow you to see the bigger picture with clarity and understanding, which in turn allows us to make decisions that feel right. 

What happens during a session?

1-2-1 sessions or group sessions are practiced sitting in a chair.  The aim is to introduce tips and techniques to help relax the body, which can in turn reduce stress, improve sleep and calm a busy mind. 

Once you learn meditation, it is something that you have for life.  You will have the tools and knowledge to incorporate into your daily routine.

All exercises and practice is guided by the tutor.