About me

Originally from Dundee, I have lived in Edinburgh since 1997. My love of Dundee takes me back regularly to visit family and friends, but it was work that brought me to the Capital all these years ago.

Having learned transcendental meditation in the 80s and had Reiki treatments since the 90s, I was intrigued to try something different. I had no idea how significant and life changing these two things alone would be.

I loved my job and worked my way up the ladder in an office environment and became familiar with the deadlines and financial targets that are a constant objective. Through many mergers and changes in company policy, I began to realise that I was gradually disconnecting to that way of thinking and I didn’t fit in any more. I just didn’t have the drive to keep up or the determination to leave. However, that decision would be made for me…..

In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the journey that would follow was very difficult but also very rewarding. Through the magic of alternative therapies, amazing family and friends, the light finally went on and I learned so much about myself and how I wanted to live. I was reminded that I had a choice, and for me it was to start up on my own and not to go back to the office. Scary!!!

I believe that physical symptoms can manifest through emotional stress and anxiety and when we learn to change the mind-set we start to relieve the pain. I have experienced stress, pain and illness and feel compelled to use my training and experience to help others manage theirs.

My aim is to support others through a process which allows clarity and change to take place, bringing balance and harmony back into focus.

I offer treatments which I believe have helped me through difficult times and I know can help others. Gentle but powerful, relaxing or energizing – anyone can benefit from them.

I now have the confidence to know that my body will heal, provided I look after it and appreciate everything it does for me on a daily basis.

These treatments can be of benefit to you not just if you are feeling low, but at all times, for the nurturing and relaxing effects they offer.


  • 80s – Learned Transcendental Meditation
  • 2005 to 2010 – Practising and Teaching Meditation through Feel Good Therapies
  • 2009 to 2011 – Teaching meditation at lunchtime to colleagues FOC
  • 2012 to present – Teaching meditation and mindfulness through Edinburgh Council Adult Education

I have taught meditation and mindfulness sessions at local business, eg:

  • Barclays Bank
  • Edinburgh Art College Wellbeing Week
  • Craigiebield Hotel Sunday wellbeing days
  • Scotland’s Learning Partnership
  • CGI
  • Whitespace
  • Side by Side Parkinsons


  • 2006 – Level 1 Usui Reiki training
  • 2008 – Level 2 Usui Reiki training
  • 2009 – Level 3 Usui Reiki training
  • 2010 – Level 1 and 2 Karuna Reiki training
  • 2014 – Usui Reiki Master Teacher


  • 2015 – Anatomy and Physiology Theoretical Exam
  • 2015 – Indian Head Massage Practitioner


  • Connected Kids Level 1 – Teaches Adults to teach children to meditation
  • Bach Flower Remedies Level 1 – The system that gives you Bach Remedies
  • Crystal Therapy – Crystals, Mandalas, Pendulums and Medicine Wheels
  • Astrology – Introduction to Birth Charts
  • Various other training

I am continually and pro-actively involved in self-development through ongoing training and mentoring. This allows me to evolve, develop my skills, as well as to recommend other therapists to my clients.