Focused…? Positive…? Happy…?

Which words would you use, to describe how you feel right now? Learning to meditate and bringing mindfulness into your day to day activities will help to re-wire and bring positivity to thought patterns. Meditation will bring a new perspective; besides that it will also lead to a deeper understanding of the challenges we sometimes face and can replace the frown lines and tight jaw with a relaxed and smiling face.
Are you striving to be in balance physically, mentally and emotionally? Reiki is a gentle but very effective therapy which can help…
Relaxing… Enlightening… Uplifting…
these are just a few words used by clients to describe their experience. Whether you already love Reiki or you are intrigued to find out more, check your diary and see when you are free to be nurtured through the wonders of Reiki.

Soothing… Relaxing… Letting go…

Do you enjoy the head massage you receive at the hairdressers, or remember the feeling, when you were younger, of the soothing experience of someone gently brushing your hair?

That’s what an Indian Head Massage feels like, but for a full hour, allowing you to surrender to the blissful feeling of total relaxation. 

Imagine how chilled you will be and the benefits you will receive in the process… the loosening of the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back… slower heart beat… and reduced stress and anxiety. 

"... after a reiki session, I always feel relaxed, but re-energised. A reiki treatment helps me focus on the positives and moves me on if I’ve not been feeling at my best ..."
"... you are the best teacher and your empathy is so genuine. You can close your eyes, follow your words and you are lifted up out of any stressful situation with dignity and composure. You have been and will continue to be a huge influence on my life ..."
"... I slept really soundly last night, I sometimes have tinnitus at night, but it didn’t bother me last night! ..."