Life Changing… Uplifting… Enlightening…

These are a few of the words I would use to describe spiritual development.  When we choose to connect to this part of us we experience comfort in the knowledge that we are safe, supported and loved.

Spiritual development can mean different things to different people, but for me it opens us up to the belief that there is something bigger than us at work, which guides us to a place of peace, if we allow it.

Focused…? Positive…? Happy…?

Which words would you use, to describe how you feel right now? Learning to meditate and bringing mindfulness into your day to day activities will help to re-wire and bring positivity to thought patterns. Meditation will bring a new perspective; besides that it will also lead to a deeper understanding of the challenges we sometimes face and can replace the frown lines and tight jaw with a relaxed and smiling face.
"... she has been helping me on a spiritual/energetic level to work through the energetic blockages which have been causing me physical anxiety. Audrey is amazing, always understands what is going on, really feels my angst, and gives me things to work on so that I can release things and move forwards. I feel so much better after our sessions ..."
"... you are the best teacher and your empathy is so genuine. You can close your eyes, follow your words, and you are lifted up out of any stressful situation with dignity and composure. You have been and will continue to be a huge influence on my life ..."
"... Audrey has an amazing ability to tune in to what's going on with me, sometimes things I hadn't even realised or acknowledged. Her guidance helps me deal with the specific issue and to move on from it. Audrey's guidance and support can be life changing ..."